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except the only person who has ever asked them was my alter ego

Miscellaneous questions about the library and Telegram API as a whole that don't really belong to any other topic.

If you are new to the library or Telegram API, you can skip this page for now and return later.

What is mtcute?

mtcute is a TypeScript library and framework for MTProto clients and bots.

It was written from scratch, however some logic was borrowed from TDLib and similar projects like Pyrogram and Telethon

Can I use it with JavaScript?

While you surely can, this is not recommended, since you would lose any benefits TypeScript gives, including type checking and smart suggestions.

How old is mtcute?

mtcute is pretty late to the party. Work on the library started in early 2021, was first published on GitHub in spring, and the first alpha release was published in the end of October 2023.

Why mtcute?

First of all, apart from mtcute, there aren't many libraries for MTProto in TypeScript (and even JS, for that matter).

There's @mtproto/core, which is extremely low-level and not TS-friendly; there's GramJS, which is a port of Telethon, and pretty much nothing else (at the moment of writing).

mtcute tries to provide a simple, elegant and type-safe API even for advanced use cases, while also achieving good performance, staying up-to-date with the current schema and providing near-complete documentation.

Why are API keys needed for bots?

Because Telegram requires you to. Bot API internally is just a TDLib instance running with its own API ID and hash for the connection.


Webhooks are only used by Bot API because there's no persistent connection to the client to send updates.

mtcute, on the other hand, has a persistent server connection, and receives updates from Telegram. This is not polling, because the updates are sent by Telegram, and not requested by the library.

What are the IPs of the DCs?

The primary DC (and primary Test DC) is always available at

List of other DCs is fetched by the client on demand. You can use this code (it doesn't even require authorization):

ts{ _: 'help.getConfig' })
  .then((res) => console.log(res.dcOptions)){ _: 'help.getConfig' })
  .then((res) => console.log(res.dcOptions))

How to migrate an account?

You can't.

Even though Telegram docs state that the server might decide to do that, this feature was confirmed to be unimplemented yet by Levin (source unavailable).

Why does it work slower sometimes?

Because of Telegram's infrastructure.

Firstly, supergroups reside in the same DC as the (original) creator, and if it is not the same as yours, it must first be passed through that DC, which incurs some delay.

In the worst case, you, creator and other user are all in different DCs, and it takes some time before the client receives an update about that.

The same goes for text-mentioning a user from another DC. It takes time for the server to check access hash for that user since it is stored in another DC, and thus sending a message takes more time.

Another reason is that updates in supergroups are sent in order of priority (source, unverified):

  1. Creator
  2. Administrators
  3. Bots
  4. Mentioned users
  5. Recently online users
  6. Everyone else

This is not affected by the library, and we can't do anything about it. This can also be reproduced in TDLib and Bot API.

Your best bet on improving update latency is to:

  • Use openChat method on the client to open chats you are interested in
  • Periodically call setOffline(false) to tell Telegram that you are online
  • Use an account in the same DC as the peer you are interacting with

Why do I get PEER_ID_INVALID/MtPeerNotFoundError?

First, make sure that the ID you pass is actually correct.

If it is, then probably the problem is that you haven't met this peer in the current session. As described in Peers section, you need access hash to interact with the user, which is only sent by the server.

Think of how you find peers in normal clients - you search for usernames, open them from dialogs, messages, members lists, etc. The same goes for mtcute - you need to encounter the user before you can interact with them.

Some ideas on how you can fix this:

  • Use findDialogs method to iterate over all dialogs and find the one you need
  • Use a username/phone number instead of ID
  • Use getMessages method and fetch some message by the user (so mtcute caches the access hash)
  • ...and a lot more ways to "meet" a user without interacting with them

Why is my verification code expired?

That's probably because you have sent it to someone.

To protect users from potential scammers, Telegram checks if the outgoing message contains the verification code, and if it does, immediately revokes it.

If you actually want to share it, consider somehow scrambling it, for example: 12345one two three four f1ve

How to avoid flood errors?

Write code with care, make less requests and do not abuse Telegram.

Nobody knows the exact reason why flood waits occur, and that is intentional. Publicly available information often contradicts with other, so there is no definitive answer.

You might find helpful information in this article.

This might also be an issue with the library. Currently mtcute doesn't do a lot of caching, though it is on the roadmap. Particularly, issues may arise if your bot is high-load.

If you receive transport error -429, however, please let us know, so we can investigate further.

How to not get banned?

Do not abuse Telegram. If you use the API for spamming, flooding, faking counters or similar, you will be banned.

Accounts created using unofficial API clients are automatically put under observation to prevent violation of the ToS (source).

In some cases, even logging in with an unofficial client to an account created using an official one may trigger the system

If you are planning to implement an active userbot, be extra careful, avoid using VOIP numbers and try to minimize server load generated (for example, implement local caching and rate limiting).

Anya from @theyforcedme has shared her thoughts on this in Pyrogram chat:

I was banned, help!

The library only does the things you told it to do. If you abuse Telegram, then the ban is justified.

If you still have access to the phone number used when registering the account, you can try contacting the Telegram support and ask them to recover your account:

If you don't, then welp. Create a new account and be even more careful.

mtcute is not affiliated with Telegram.